Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute Description: 

Since 2006, the Encuentros Leadership Academy has served over 500 aspiring college-bound Latino males attending San Diego high schools. The Academy was launched in response to the historically low post-secondary education achievement levels of Latino males.

The Encuentros Leadership Academy is a college preparatory program that focuses on building and developing leadership competency of its attendees. Part of this is a journey of self-discovery where they must ask themselves the questions: “Who am I? Where am I going? How am I going to get there?” By fostering their leadership skills, students gain confidence in their abilities to lead in their communities and complete their college education, and beyond.

Leadership Institute Day & Time: 

The 2020 Encuentros Leadership Institute  date is TBD. However, it typically takes place in June.

Leadership Institute Eligibility:

  • Self identify as a Latino male
  • Encuentros Academy Alumni
  • Current high school student

Leadership Institute Application:

Applications are currently closed. Applications for the academy will re-open mid Spring 2020!

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